Version Notes:

Originally written by Tim May (see copyright sections in each chapter).

First HTML version by Jonathan Rochkind (kudos).

This HTML version by zebo.

This version of Cyphernomicon has been written to restore the "linear text" qualities of the original document. Although I respect the tremendous amount of work that Jonanthan Rochkind put into the First HTML version, I think he went Too Far in breaking up the original text. It is too difficult to simply read the document in the manner in which it was originally written and, I feel, was intended to be read. More so, it is too difficult to create a file that one can print without having to save a bunch of pages, concatenate & edit them, and then print.

I have attempted to remedy this in a couple of ways.

First of all, each chapter consists of a Table of Contents file and a chapter file. The TOC file is used to get to any particular entry of the chapter file.

Second, each chapter file comprises a single flat file. Saving or printing this file will create an unadorned text file as if you had cut and pasted only this file from the original text.

Finally, I have also provided a copy of the original file here for those that prefer their documents raw.